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The award for Songstress of the Summer goes to…

EVA fucking SIMONS! God DAYUM, this girl has slayed us this year, with her smash single 'I Don't Like You' and buzz track 'Renegade’, the Will.I.Am worldwide smash ‘This Is Love' and now she has laid her vocals on top of another HUGE dirty house track. Entitled 'I Need More’, this DJ Apster track is everything your sore slutty ass cries out for. With an entrancing melody-line that builds up perfectly into the pre-chorus, where it all slows down, synths thumping, hips swaying, eyes closed and THEN that BASS kicks in, it all goes DOWN. It is such a SMASH! 'The louder the better' is the perfect tag for this track. 

Get out of that shade, turn it up and burn some calories and skin in the sun.


You can’t tag Eva Simons, she’s a Renegade

Check out Eva Simons' new track 'Renegade’. The song is very different from her eupho-pop smash ‘I Don’t Like You’, with the diva going into a grittier territory. Throwing in some dub step and drum ‘n bass, the track goes all over the place. I like it on first listen, it will most likely be played a lot through summer.


Eva Simons is back with a bang!

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Eva Simons. The dutch pop vixen was catapulted into blogosphere stardom when a demo of her song “Silly Boy” was mistaken for a Rihanna demo. Luckily she was able to ride the buzz wave and the song became a hit. After that, one of my fave songs of that year, the Afrojack-joint “Take Over Control” followed. It was huge all over the world. But then everything went silent, we heard nothing from her, up until now.
The gorgeous lady is back with a new single “I Don’t Like You”, listen to it above. The Zedd-produced track is a banger, club ready, radio friendly, should be a hit! The music video will be shot next week. 

“I Don’t Like You” is out next week, on the 26th of March